Lasse Marhaug – Quality Control

A giant of Scandinavian experimental music, Lasse Marhaug has been active in sound creation since his teenage years. His interests have spanned a wide range of styles: from improv jams to film sound, from humorous collages to crushing harsh noise works. This non-stop activity has resulted in a massive body of recorded work and numerous live performances all over Tellus. Besides his solo work he has collaborated with a multitude of fellow sound artists on stage and in the studio.

In the ever-flowing stream of music from Marhaug, Quality Control leans towards the noisiest end of his output. With an active, hands-on approach to sound making, it rushes forward to present us with a panoramic view of a mock world inhabited by trash electronics battling it out on a barren desert field at the end of the known universe. From short outbursts to extended epics, Marhaug cooks up an explosive brew of storming feedback and out-rock guitar overload. Quality Control portrays a mature artist at the top of his game.