Last updated 6.05.2017

Anoema releases

Merzbow Hard Lovin' Man CD (nocd010) 10 € sold out!
J.O.Mallander More Time: Hits & Variations 1968-1970 CD (nocd020) 12 € sold out!
Francisco López Untitled (2005) CD (nocd030) 10 € 8 €
Lasse Marhaug Quality Control CD (nocd040) 10 €
Toshiji Mikawa Gyo-Kai Elegy CD (nocd050) 10 €
Pain Jerk & John Wiese Nerima CD (nocd060) 8 €

Other labels

Other distro items temporarily not available

How to order

Anoema mail order is a tiny subsidiary of the label to carry releases also from some other labels (that we like). Prices do not include shipping and occasionally some listed items may not be available.

Ordering from our mail order is very simple:

  1. Send email to info at with a list of items you wish to order, where and how they should be shipped to, and the desired payment method (PayPal, bank transfer or cash).
  2. We will let you know the total price and the details of payment.
  3. We will send the items once the payment is received.