Pain Jerk & John Wiese
CD nocd060 (available)
Hey there, looking for a healthy dose of electrocution? We got it right here! Two titans of noise, Pain Jerk (aka Kohei Gomi) and John Wiese, continue their trans-Pacific affairs. While the previous episodes have been mail collaborations with Mr. Wiese at the helm, this studio live session has a more distinct Pain Jerk flavor to it (and is a tasty aperitif for his yet-to-appear new studio material). A vivid amalgam of vintage analog synthesizers, classic noiselectronics and DSP, at less than 18 minutes this brief statement in fury leaves nothing to be desired. In a world filled with filth and depravity, it is a rare pleasure to encounter such a beautiful & vibrant example of good, old-fashioned noise. This is music to soothe the soul.

Sound clips:   Nerima 1    Nerima 2    Nerima 3

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Gyo-Kai Elegy
Toshiji Mikawa
Gyo-Kai Elegy
CD nocd050 (available)
Pioneer, innovator and visionary are words easily associated with Toshiji Mikawa. One of the prime movers of Japanese noise, he started his musical activities in the late 1970s and joined the legendary and notorious Hijokaidan. In 1981 he formed Incapacitants to pursue his interest in pure noise, in contrast to the more performance art oriented Hijokaidan of that time. Initially a solo project, later he was joined by Fumio Kosakai to make Incapacitants a duo that has been widely acknowledged for their extreme sound and intense live performances.

Gyo-Kai Elegy is the debut CD release under Mikawa's own name. It grants us a close-up view of his sound which is normally immersed inside Incapacitants' mighty sound structures. We get highly detailed, unforgiving electric annihilation, invoking images of imaginary lifeforms trapped inside cages of silicon crystals. Occasionally the sound expands into juggernaut drones or floats away into a cavernous space that seems to be inhabited by morbid bats screaming at piercing sub-ultrasonic frequencies. Once again, Mikawa-san shows us all how to create noise with intensity, perspective and character without a hint of compromise.

Sound clips:   Vietnam Forever     Bando Namida-Ame    Drinking Gallons Of Soy Sauce With Beer    You Say West River    Mud Wrestling Against D

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Quality Control
Lasse Marhaug
Quality Control
CD nocd040 (available)
A giant of Scandinavian experimental music, Lasse Marhaug has been active in sound creation since his teenage years. His interests have spanned a wide range of styles: from improv jams to film sound, from humorous collages to crushing harsh noise works. This non-stop activity has resulted in a massive body of recorded work and numerous live performances all over Tellus. Besides his solo work he has collaborated with a multitude of fellow sound artists on stage and in the studio.

In the everflowing stream of music from Marhaug, Quality Control leans towards the noisiest end of his output. With an active, hands-on approach to sound making, it rushes forward to present us with a panoramic view of a mock world inhabited by trash electronics battling it out on a barren desert field at the end of the known universe. From short outbursts to extended epics, Marhaug cooks up an explosive brew of storming feedback and out-rock guitar overload. Quality Control portrays a mature artist at the top of his game.

Sound clips:   Trashplate    More Sugar Please    Magical Mystery Lore    From the Future (full track)    Fungus For Fellini

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Untitled (2005)
Francisco López
Untitled (2005)
CD nocd030 (available)
On the new Untitled (2005) CD the Spanish composer Francisco López presents four recently composed pieces which span a broad dynamic as well as stylistic range. Together these constitute a fascinating and intense research exploration into the deep essence of sound. From sizzling jungle atmospheres to rumbling subterranean drones and microscopic details, this is a Francisco López tour de force. In addition to three pieces based on environmental recordings, Untitled (2005) features also an instrumental composition Untitled #111 (For Jani Christou) performed by the noted German Zeitkratzer ensemble. Unsuprisingly, either way the sound is 100% Francisco López. On this release Mr. López might be unsually forthcoming about the sound sources he uses (as specified on the sleeve) but the dedication for the creation of absolute music remains the same.

Sound clips:   Untitled #177    Untitled #178    Untitled #111 (For Jani Christou)    Untitled #183

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More time
More Time - Hits & Variations 1968-1970
CD nocd020 (out of print)
Anoema Recordings is proud to present a complete collection of sound works by the influential Finnish artist J.O.Mallander. More Time - Hits & Variations 1968-1970 collects two sought-after vinyl EP's Extended Play and Decompositions (the only Finnish entries in Broken Music catalog), and a previously unreleased piece. J.O.Mallander began his artistic activities in 1960's within the blooming Finnish Underground movement, taking part, amongst other things, in the notorious music-performance collective Sperm. He has since assumed a multitude of roles within the world of art, operating as an artist, critic, writer, gallerist, and curator. Through his international connections he became a singular node of the Fluxus network in Finland. Extended Play, released in 1968, was his debut as an artist. It is simultaneously an intriguing aural ready-made, a mantra-like tape piece, and a commentary echoing the Finnish cultural climate of the day. It displays in torturing detail the drama surrounding the presidential elections in 1962 and 1968. In these pieces the main protagonist is Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, the president of Finland for a quarter of century, and without question the most legendary politician in the history of independent Finland. A caring father of the nation to some, a democratically elected dictator to others, his career is not without parallelisms in modern times. These pieces have haunted the Finnish popular consciousness for decades, and probably caused more complex reactions than any other Finnish sound work. In 1968 Mallander opted for life in the more internationally inclined Stockholm. Among other activities he composed a mind-boggling plunderphonic collage In Reality at the prestigious premises of EMS for Text-Sound Festival held at Fylkingen. And two years after Extended Play, in 1970, it was time to confuse the Finnish audience again. Mallander issued his second (and so far the last) music release Decompositions on the legendary Love Records. Applying scratching, looping, and other manipulations on records he created a hilariously energizing work and pre-dated the methods and attitudes of contemporary popular musics. More Time - Hits & Variations 1968-1970 comes packed in the original cover designs and features extensive liner notes by Leif Elggren. The times they are not a-changin'.

Sound clips:   1968    In Reality    A Fifth   

Hard Lovin' Man
Hard Lovin' Man
CD nocd010 (out of print)
On his Anoema Recordings debut release "Hard Lovin' Man" (nocd 010), mercurial Tokyo based sound artist Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) steps into the territory of hard rock.After several crusades into the history of popular music, this release finds Merzbow digging deep into the very essence of roaring guitars and pummeling rhythms with his laptop. On two versions of the title track Akita-san dissects the Deep Purple classic of the same title into its basic elements, reanimating it as a thick, swarming digidrone. The colossal opening track was recorded live in Helsinki at the Avanto Festival 2000. The live recording appears on this release in its entirety with only minimal post-production tricks applied. It evolves slowly yet firmly, becoming an unstoppable noise vehicle that is cruising towards sensory deprivation, following Merzbow's tapping foot (as witnessed at the concert). The other take, that was summoned at the private Bed Room studio, brings forth a shorter and more swiftly moving interpretation of the same source material. While the visceral live energy is partly substituted by more subtle and determined construction, the all-encompassing flow stays intact. In his relentless pursue to exceed the limit of 1000 (one thousand) releases in his lifetime Akita-san has alrady left many landmarks to the history of noise. With "Hard Lovin' Man" Merzbow and Anoema Recordings are carving yet other groove in rock.

Sound clip:   A Hard Lovin' Man (studio version)

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