Niko Karlsson & Topias Tiheäsalo

After a long hibernation, Anoema Recordings is back with a fantastic split LP of fresh Finnish music. This time we bring joy to the world via six beautiful acoustic six string exercises by two Turku-based masters of guitar: Niko Karlsson and Topias Tiheäsalo. Niko plays both guitar and banjo and has a background in pop, […]

Pain Jerk & John Wiese – Nerima

Hey there, looking for a healthy dose of electrocution? We got it right here! Two titans of noise, Pain Jerk (aka Kohei Gomi) and John Wiese, continue their trans-Pacific affairs. While the previous episodes have been mail collaborations with Mr. Wiese at the helm, this studio live session has a more distinct Pain Jerk flavor […]

Toshiji Mikawa – Gyo-kai Elegy

Pioneer, innovator and visionary are words easily associated with Toshiji Mikawa. One of the prime movers of Japanese noise, he started his musical activities in the late 1970s and joined the legendary and notorious Hijokaidan. In 1981 he formed Incapacitants to pursue his interest in pure noise, in contrast to the more performance art oriented […]

Lasse Marhaug – Quality Control

A giant of Scandinavian experimental music, Lasse Marhaug has been active in sound creation since his teenage years. His interests have spanned a wide range of styles: from improv jams to film sound, from humorous collages to crushing harsh noise works. This non-stop activity has resulted in a massive body of recorded work and numerous […]

Francisco López – Untitled (2005)

On the new Untitled (2005) CD the Spanish composer Francisco López presents four recently composed pieces which span a broad dynamic as well as stylistic range. Together these constitute a fascinating and intense research exploration into the deep essence of sound. From sizzling jungle atmospheres to rumbling subterranean drones and microscopic details, this is a […]

J.O.Mallander – More Time – Hits & Variations 1968-1970

Anoema Recordings is proud to present a complete collection of sound works by the influential Finnish artist J.O.Mallander. More Time – Hits & Variations 1968-1970 collects two sought-after vinyl EP’s Extended Play and Decompositions (the only Finnish entries in Broken Music catalog), and a previously unreleased piece. J.O.Mallander began his artistic activities in 1960’s within the blooming Finnish Underground movement, […]

Merzbow – Hard Lovin’ Man

On his Anoema Recordings debut release Hard Lovin’ Man (nocd 010), mercurial Tokyo based sound artist Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) steps into the territory of hard rock. After several crusades into the history of popular music, this release finds Merzbow digging deep into the very essence of roaring guitars and pummelling rhythms with his laptop. […]